android application has turned into a rage throughout the world these days

Introduced by Google back in 2007, Android has abundantly developed through the years. In this regard, the surge of Android application development is due to the popularity of the device these days. Nevertheless, despite its popularity, people who are considering the application and those who are aspiring to build applications on this device should weigh the process carefully. Below are some of the great and not so great about the Android device.


1. It is an open source that draws many programmers and developers around the world and from all walks of life.

2. The Android has by far the best abundant choices of smart phones

3. Most models have a removable battery, allowing users to buy an extra one and swap them

4. All models have the capability to accept an SD card that allows for more storage

5. Some models have physical keyboards

6. It could run assorted applications at a given time since it has a swap-space management

7. Most models have smaller screens

8. It has a wonderful integration with Google applications

9. Android apps need not have to undergo the same obscure approval process

10. It makes it simpler to download and install non-market apps


1. The Android systems has a poor arrangement life

2. Not all models have physical keyboards which could make typing difficult

3. The 3.0MP camera does not produce very good pictures

4. No automatic sync between the device and your Mac or PC, thus you have to install a third-party syncing app or sync your computer and Android manually

5. It has hardware limitations and it may not live up to its potential

6. Some models have limited speeds processing, causing delays in using apps or typing

7. It often has multi-button sequences required to do simple actions

8. There is 1/10th as much available apps in the Android market as there are with the competition

9. The Android may accept all-encompassing apps arrangement but most of them are crapware, such as abortive apps

Android, as an open system is free to use by anybody. For instance, a handset manufacturer could use it if they follow an agreement stated in the SDK. There are no requirements or restrictions for the manufacturer to share extensions with anyone else. Furthermore, Android is a software environment, not a hardware platform and includes an OS, which is built on Linux kernel-based OS hosting the Dalvik virtual machine.

Unlike other complex procedures, Android applications have considerably easier settings where you can just log in to the respective account and then start downloading android app. Anyone could download the apps and begin using them right away. The easiest process of installation of the app onto a smart phone makes this app the most preferred software compared to others. There are a lot of advantages and some disadvantages to developing apps for the Android mobile. Presently, the Android is a fast growing platform of application development and at present times, there is over 50,000 applications in the Android store and is increasing on a daily basis.


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